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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some More Maths EduGames for You

Here are some more good Maths Edugames. 

This is great because it gives students feedback on their speed & accuracy. If they complete the activity in under a minute and get 100% correct, it also gives them a certificate with their results that they can print. This is a good way of keeping track of their results and rewarding them at the same time! A little bit of competition amongst themselves always goes a long way. It drills addition & subtraction facts to 20 and division & multiplication based on the times tables.

This game has a built in "cheat sheet" for kids who need extra help with their multiplication facts. If they don't know the answer they can use a grid system for calculating the answer. The faster they can answer though the more points they get. When the student choses to "end the mission" they are given the option to print a "printable report". Great for keeping track of their own improvements.

Part of the Arcademic Skill Builders site (a review to come) this single player game allows students to set their level of play (eg number facts from 1-20 or 10 to 20) and speed to drill addition number facts up to and including 20. At the end of the game a report of success can be printed. Students who get through all levels are able to print out trophies. One teacher has all of these on a trophy wall!

A basic looking game based on "Connect Four" and played by two players. Each player must answer maths questions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to earn a piece to place on the board. Parameters: time limit, difficulty level, types of questions. At the end the teacher can review and record the scores - but making a printed copy requires a screen dump!

Another simple game/drill site is Harcourt's That's A Fact Students can drill basic number facts in the four operations. It also allows them to chose vertical or horizontal algorithms to suit individual preference. Drills are timed, although there is an untimed option. At the end it tells you which facts were not complete and which were wrong. This page can be printed (answers not given) or students could copy the algorithm and correct answer into their books!

A Whole Stack of Maths Educational Games!!

I just found all these great Maths games. Sorry I haven't had time to get screenshots and create individual blog postings for each. Have fun.

Kids get given worksheet after worksheet by their of Dienes blocks activities to answer. Instead of doing the worksheets we do this activity from on the whiteboard. They have so much more fun. It looks at place value for numbers from 9 to 9999.

This game is another useful place value tool. Students move beads onto the place value abbacus to make the given number. Very hands on learning! It is from which requires registration (and costs money!) but it does have a couple of sample activities, including this one.

My students aren't up to decimal place value yet, but I've got this stored away in favourites for when we need it. Basically it's a pull apart activity from to show what (eg) 3.1 means (ie 3 plus 0.1) 

A reading/writing number place value game from It doesn't have too many to solve at one time (a plus for Learning Difficulty students) but moves them on to reading and writing numbers! This website requires registration, but it's free and the website has HEAPS AND HEAPS of useful resources. More to be mentioned over time.

From the same website as the one above. Students partition numbers (eg 528 into chunks of 500, 20 and 8). Another from the site which helps with partitioning numbers in a simpler (quicker) form is Archery Bullseye other great activities on place value and partitioning from this Learning Clip can be found HERE
    The following are just a list of links to maths games that are good for groups on the IWB. They do not require keyboard input to answer questions.
    Maths Baseball - Addition Game that caters for different abilities in a class.
    Numbers - Addition game that moves very fast! Can be downloaded or played online.
    Snowball Fight - Solve subtraction problems correctly and you get to throw the snowball, make a mistake and it splatters right on the screen!
    Egg Static Drop - Multiplication Game where you have to catch eggs for multiples of a chosen number.
    Pizza Pizzazz - Solve a multiplication question and deliver a pizza to the table with the number that matches the answer.
    Disco Dino - Another mutliplication solving game, but at the end you get to create a dinosaur dance!
    Fish - Similar to Pizza & Disco but these fish are fast!
    Splat Square is a simple 100's chart but with sound effects and colours. Play games like "What Number Comes Before?" Other ways of intergrating the grid into lessons can be found here and here.
    Gamebone is another fun way of using a 100s chart to learn.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Qwiki: Making Wikipedia More Fun

This is a wonderful website that lets students 'see' their Wikipedia results with pictures and audio.  Your students will love it.
I have included a film here in this post to show you what Qwiki looks like.

Download the Book Version of this Blog

Here is a copy of this blog (as a PDF file).

Make Movies with Zimmer Twins Website

This is a great website where students can make animated movies with the items given to them. It is easy to use. Students can make movies without signing up but they can't save for later viewing. If you sign up, then the movies can be saved and shown to others.  I have made a film and embedded it to the right to show you what you can do. Combine many webpages and Documents into one URL

There are quite a few webbased programs out there at present that lets you put many websites into 1 web address (URL). This one also done this. The bonus with this site is that you can also add your own files to the URL combination to show whilst you are showing the other websites.  You can make it public on the net or keep it private by signing up to an account. Students could use it to show the websites they have used in their research project.

Example given at :  

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Great Early Childhood Website: is a wonderful Early Childhood website that will excellent for the Early Childhood classroom.

Here's an example of 1 part of the website:

A Nice Website for Early Childhood Students

This website is from the Kent County in the UK. It is packed with ICT resources for ECE teachers to use with the students.

More Simulation Games to Play

Here are some more more simulation games to play online. Excellent Simulation Games to Play

This website provides many excellent simulation games for students to play. They range in areas of Science, VAL, building and you just need to scroll down on the page to see more of them.

Online Vocabulary Training for Students: Vocabsushi
This password protected space allows your students to take vocab and comprehension tests and then it adjusts the level of difficulty so that the next set of words tested are higher in complexity for the student.

StoryJumper: Online Books Made Easy

This website/account space lets you create great looking online books in a password protected site. You can then allow others to view the book on the net or keep it private. All pictures are cartoony and given to you.

Romeo and Juliet as Interactive Website

Here's a website that teaches the Romeo and Juliet play from Shakespeare in an interactive way online.

Bibme: Help in Writing Bibliographies

Need help in teaching students how to write bibliographies? Well this site will help you.

Persuasive Writing Online Teaching Tool

This website provides a way of teaching students how to write persuasive texts in an engaging way. Students are shown the different text types and the parts that go with each text type in this website. The example here is for Persuasive Writing texts.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lots of Free Downloaded Resources from the Education Freeware website

I just came across this website the gives you lots of options for ICT downloaded resources. There is also a link to online free resources.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FEMA site for Geography/DIsasters Information

The FEMA website is an American website that looks at disasters information. Great resource to use and has some fun games for students to play in this area. Check it out!

Getting better results from Google: A Cheat Sheet Here for You

Here's a 'cheat sheet' that will help you find info quicker and easier on the google search engine.  Hope it helps you.

Make Great Looking Books Online with Mixbook allows you to make wonderful online books (with words and your own pictures) easily. You have to sign up for an account and then you can make elaborate books. You can then choose if you want everyone on the net to see them or just your friends.  Well worth a look!
I have included an example of one: click here to see it

Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally, Help from Microsoft in Using the New Version of Word, Excel and PPT.

Are you frustrated with the new 2007 version of Microsoft Word, Excel and PPT? Are you finding it hard to work out how to do what you used to do with these programs?  Here's the answer. Download this plug in from Microsoft and you will be able to perform what you used to do in the old version and a film will show you how to do it in the new version.  Install the plug in by finally the prompts and the close you Word program. When you open it up again, you will have a new "help" tab at the top. click on this and then go "Use 2003 Command Finder" (or something like that phrase). Good luck.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Typing Skills Games to Play

Some More Great Games to Improve Literacy and Typing ability.

Great Game to Improve Spelling and Typing Skills

A great web based game to play on the IWB or on your own. It will improve students' spelling, literacy, group work skills and they will enjoy playing it with each other on the IWB.

Forget Ps2: Karaoke is now Online for Free!

This website lets you sing karaoke just like on the Playstation, but on your computer instead. You just plug in a normal microphone and you can sing the songs and get scores just like on the Playstation. You need to sign up for a free account to sing the songs.

Music Comes Alive on the Net!!

Here's another great website to teach Music. Lots of good games and sounds to learn here.

Another website for the teaching of Music

The Story of Stuff

This easy to follow film shows students the process of 'stuff' from 'extraction' through to 'disposal'. It might be useful when talking about recycling and ecological sustainability.

Kindergarten Worksheets Here!!

Here you will find lots of worksheets already done for Kindergarten teaches to use Free.

Games to Improve Music Listening

Here's a good website that provides fun games for students to improve their listening skills in Music. You can subscribe to the site for free to get more online Music games.

Listen to Sounds in Cities around the World

Ever wanted to give your students a glimpse of what takes place in different cities around the world. Well, now you can give them audio recordings of cities around the world to listen to. They can listen to the language and music and vehicles that are commonly found in those cities. Check it out.

Learn it in 5: Great Website for Lots of New ICT

This website shows you lots of new ICT Web 2.0 tools that you may have heard about before (e.g. Wordle, Wallwisher etc.).  Have a look at the site and you might find out what you didn't know already about these programs.

example: VoiceThread program

A Wonderful Website for Primary Science

This website has lots of great Science activities on it. I could go on about this site for ages, but probably better that you have a look at yourself and you'll see how great it is for kids.

National Geographic Website for Kids

National Geographic has a great kids section on its website that you could use with your classes.

A Free Online Scientific Calculator in your Browser

Go to this website and find a free scientific calculator to use with your students on the IWB.

Using the Crayola Website for "Digital Storytelling"

In the Crayola site, I also found this great "digital storytelling" website where students can make their own 'scenes' and print them out. They can then go and complete their sheet offline.

Use Crayola Online

Love crayola?? Well now your students can use all the different crayola products online to write and draw with. You can then print the page. Will be great to use with your IWB in the classroom.

A Nice Science Websites For You

I just found this good website that provides great resources for Science topics. It provides interactives and videos for students to use in the classroom. Have a look at it soon.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Save the Words: Students make stories using Fridge magnets!

this website allows students to make a story from a selection of fridge magnets that can be dragged onto the screen. Students can choose their phrases to use and in which order they will go in the story.  When done, students can send their story to 3 people(email addresses) and those people will receive their story.  No sign up is required to do this. All works within a browser.

Students can use PrimaryPad to work on the same document at the same time

This website only requires a browser to let students collaborate with each other on a document. One student creates a document in the browser (with no sign up needed). The students is then given a web address for the document space. That address is given to other students. They can then collaborate together on the document in the browser (through the web address).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Wonderful "AUSTRALIAN HISTORY" Resources Website

I attended a fabulous conference recently. At the conference, my colleague shared with me a wonderful "History" ICT resource.  Finally, we have an 'Australian History' website to go to for historical resources.  It has old photos, newspapers etc. about Australia's History. Hope you enjoy it and I thank my colleague for giving this to us all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turn your Browser into a 3D Browser

Check this out. You can turn your ordinary looking webpage results from Google into 3D, so you can see the individual pages in 3D and scroll through them visually.  Have a look at the picture to the right to see what I mean. You have to see it to believe it.  The program is called SpaceTime3D and it is a free download for you. The students will love it!

An Online Book from Google

Google has just released a comical and informative book on the internet that tells you about lots of ICT related info (e.g. what is cloud computing, old vs new browsers etc.). Check it out. It is pretty good.  The 'online book' tool they have used can be found at or at  (and I am trying to track down some more websites that will do this for us all.

Turn any Blog into a PDF or Book

You can turn your blog into a PDF document or into an Online Book (that you can save to your computer).  Use this website to easier do this task. It is a nice way to see your blog. It also comes with a contents page for your Blog Postings. It is great.

Record your Desktop with CommunityClips

Sometimes you and your students want to record what you have on your computer screen. Here's the answer.  You can install this small program on your computer and then you can record your screen and turn it into a video file.

KissTunes: Turn your Keyboard into a Piano

A wonderful and fun website that lets your students play a piano using their keyboard keys. They can record their songs and then play them back in the browser.


There is a Wiki page that gives you information about Species. It is called WikiSpecies. You may want to use this in your Science Class sometime soon.

Learn How to Use a Microscope (Virtually)

Students can learn how to use a microscope on this website (and other interactive tutorials are available as well).

Investigating History Through Google Earth

You can now use Google Earth to see how placed/locations looked throughout time. You can use the clock tool on Google Earth to go back in time and see what existed/did not exist somewhere in the world. See the image to the right to see what I mean. Info on Major Historical Events

This website gives you a place to go to for information about the major events in global history.  It is a bit wordy but it will give you a place to go if you need it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Meep: Saving Youtube Videos to your Computer

Trying to find a way to save Youtube Videos to your computer in a fast and easy way?  Well, there are many ways to do this, but the easiest I have found is by installing Meep into your internet toolbar and then clicking "Save Video" in your toolbar when you see the Youtube film you want to save. Easy.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Christmas Time Again!! Lots of Christmas ICT Activities (IWB Friendly)

A colleague has sent me a wonderful link that has lots of Christmas ICT activities that can be used on the IWB and on laptops/desktops.  Thanks heaps to this colleague. Check it out.  You will see how the Livebinders online website works. It is a way of putting lots of websites into a virtual Ring Binder.

Do Know What Experiment to Do Next with Your Class?

You can find lots of different experiments here for different subject areas. The website lets you pick your subject area and then tells you the equipment you will need to do the experiment and how to do it in the classroom.

Simple Science Videos

Need to find simple Science videos that explain Science information to your students, check this out!

BBC Website Has "Interactive Body" Activities

This website lets your students interactive online with the human body.

Roof Ray: Calculating Solar Power on Roofs Using Google Maps/Earth

This is a great website for calculating the solar potential of roofs on houses. It uses Google Maps/Earth to find the roof and then you can see what the solar potential is on the roof.

3D Molecular Animations to Watch

This website lets you see what the 3D molecular structures look like for different products such as Caffeine, Glucose, Cholestrol etc.  The structures are animated for you to watch.

Listen to the Sounds of Nature through Google Earth

Here you can listen to the sounds of nature around the world using Google Earth.

Chemistry Add-In for Microsoft Word

Download this Add-In for Microsoft Word and then you can use Chemistry terms etc. in Word Documents.

Science Animations to Watch

Here is a website that shows some animations of Science processes. You can see the processes on the screenshot on the right.

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