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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Budde: Great Cybersafety Online Program for Students

Budd-e is a great online program for teaching cybersafety to students at Primary and secondary levels. It takes the students through various Cybersafety scenarios and teaches them what they should and shouldn't do online. The students get to 'build' their own robot as they progress through the stages!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Blog,

Just came across this great blog, I think you should check it out.
Here I have given you their AtoZ list of resources.

Lots of Ideas on How to Use IWB in Classroom

IWB Beginners Tutorial: How to Make ......?

Go to this site ( ) to download a Notebook File that will teach you how to make the following activities on the Smartboard Software:
  • make a Magic Box
  • make a Quiz
  • make a Fill in the Gaps exercise

Geogebra Prim: Geogebra for Younger Students to Use

Geogebra too hard for your students? Don't worry, there is now a Primary School Geogebra, called Geogebra Prim. It is simpler to use and is still the great program that is Geogebra. Check it out!

Geogebra: A Great Way to Teach Maths to Students of Secondary Level

The Geogebra program allows your students to use their Mathematics skills in an interactive way on the computer. Maths teachers rave about this program and it is powerful stuff! 

Smartboard exchange files Music all School Levels

Smartboard exchange files Science Secondary School Level

What file format can I export from this program/website? Any Tutorials available for this program?

Smartboard exchange files Science Middle-Upper Primary

Smartboard exchange files Science Kinder-Middle Primary

Smartboard exchange files Mathematics Kinder-Middle Primary

Smartboard exchange files Mathematics Upper Primary

Smartboard exchange files Mathematics Secondary School Level

Smartboard exchange files English upper Primary to Secondary

Smartboard exchange files English Middle Primary

Middle Primary English Smartboard Files to use

IWB Resources Aplenty at Smart Exchange Website

The SmartBoard company have set up a great site for teachers to exchange all their own Smartboard documents/files. You need to bookmark this site. You can search the site and then download the files straight to your computer. Then go into Notebook software and go to the "Gallery" space and click on "My Content" and "Add TO My Content", then select the file your saved to your computer. It will then by added to your Notebook software for you to pull out whenever it is needed. the example I have given to you is K-Grade 1 and English search. Great stuff!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Archiving emails

Archiving emails here

Friday, March 18, 2011

Capzles: A Great Way to Present all Your Documents to an Audience is a great place where you can make an account and then put all your documents in the one place to show to a group of people.   I have given you an example in this link:  


Today I attended a wonderful and fun PL session and learnt lots about how to use nxt Lego robots. If you haven't learnt how to do this, you should! It is great fun and your students will love it.

  1. A Great book to buy from Amazon:

A Day Made of Glass: A Film that Shows Us the Future of ICT

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Big Books for the IWB

Here is another good Big Book site for the Early Years teachers to use.

Big Books for Early Years Learning/Reading

A wonderful site with free big books for teachers to use on the IWB to teach reading. I think you will like this one (especially if teaching early childhood classes).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TES iBoard: Lots of Wonderful Primary Level Resources

The TES iBoard Website provides lots of good resources for Literacy and Numeracy in the Primary Year Levels. It is similar to the website called Scootle that is now run by ESA (formerly run by Learning Federation) here in Australia. You will love these IWB Resources!!!

This website was suggested to me by a colleague the other day.  It is a great site that has lots of fun interactive resources for student to use on the IWB in your classroom.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kerpoof Movie Maker

Kerpoof Movie Maker is a website that lets you use already-made cartoons and emotions and sounds to create your own digital story. You can have lots of scenes and tell the characters what to do.  You need to sign up to the Kerpoof website to save your movies. But you don't have to sign up and can email your film to others to watch.  Your final film can be viewed by others through a website url.

Wiswebs: A Fantastic Website for lots of Different Types of Maths Problems

This website has been highly recommended to me by an expert of Mathematics teaching!! There are some wonderful Maths interactive activities on this site for you to play with your students. The activities "will make them think".  Thanks to that person for sharing this site with me. If you have any other sites that you can share with me, please write to me in the comments section under this blog posting.

Digital An Easy Way to Make Short Animated Films

Here is a quick film I made with this great program:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Copyright info for teachers: What is this Creative Commons Thing?

Creative Commons lets you use photos without breaking copyright in the classroom.
This webpage will take you through how to do this.

Everything you Need to Teach Copyright to Your Students

This webpage will give you a series of lessson and films etc. to teach copyright to your students.
You can also use the dropdown links at the top of the page to find out more info on Copyright.

All Right to Copy?: Copyright information for teachers and students

All Right to Copy? is a web based program that takes students and teachers through the copyright issue.
Check it out with your students.

New Animation Program 4: Stykz

Stykz is the next Pivot. It lets you export out to Quicktime Movie etc., you just right-click to make a new segment (leg, arm etc.) and it is easier to use than Pivot in those ways. It is a downloadable free program.

New Animation Program 3: GoAnimate4Schools

Goanimate4schools is an animation Web2.0 website whereby a teacher can set up a class account free for up to 100 students.  Students can then make their own animation within the website space safely.

New Animation Program 2: Doink

Doink is a Web 2.0 website that lets you create your own animations. You can choose your own pictures and draw your own pictures and then move them around the screen in an animated way.

New Animation Programs!! Animata is one of them

There are many new Animation Programs on the market for free these days.  Pivot is the classic program, but these nearer program are more powerful and impressive. In the next few blog postings, I will be highlighting these to you.

Animata lets you choose your own pictures and work out what parts of the picture you want to 'move' in the animation.

Examples found at:
Tutorials found at:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Digital Storytelling Apps for the iPad

Here is a list of possible ipad apps that will let your students make digital stories on the ipad.

Great site for Literacy, Science and Maths interactive Games

A Great site that has interactive games for Science, Maths and Literacy.

Alot of Online Drawing/Painting Websites to Use

ABCya! Paint – simple and easy to save as an image file.
Poisson Rouge Colouring Bugs – lovely early years tool within the amazing Poisson Rouge world.
Odosketch – I like the tones to the colours in this tool.
Shidonni – bring your drawings to life
Sketchpad – more complex toolset on this one
Flockdraw – allows you to draw on the same canvas as others online – nice collaborative tool.
Crayola Digi-Color – smooth online drawing tool from the company that know how.
Kerpoof Studio – simple and effective little online tool, to use other brushes you need to buy them though. Easy to save etc.
Sumo Paint – this was certainly recommended the most by people today.
Imagination Cubed – one of the first collaborative whiteboard tools I came across, been around for years.
Bomomo – I love the free abstract creativity of this one.
Brushter – from the National Gallery of Art for Kids.
Graffiti Playdo – spray your work on a wall.
PsykoPaint – convert your photos into artwork.
and here is a nice collection of links for Drawing tools as well.

Create a Graph: Making graphs Online (no program needed)

Students can make their own graphs in this website.

What file format can I export from this program/website?

Any Tutorials available for this program?

SpeakingImage: Making and Sharing your own Talking Pictures on the Net

This website requires you to sign up for an account (you might want to go to for a temporary email address). Once signed up, you can upload your own pictures and then go over the top of them with some colours and shapes and words to explain the situation/event in more detail.

Can I share my finished product with another person? Yes, either publicly to everyone on the internet or just to your friends, as long as they are also registered.

What file format can I export from this program/website?

Any Tutorials available for this program?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011, Great site for Kinder/ Prep students and interactive games

Fisher Price Website Great for Kinder/ Prep students

Fisher Price has some great games online for students in early years to learn from.

BBC Primary History Website

A great resource for Primary age students learning about European history

Dance Mat Typing Game

A funny little typing game website that kids will love.

bobinogs: A Great way to teach Kinder Prep students about sharing and life decisions

This site from the UK teaches students in Kinder/ Prep Years about life choices and skills.

Cybersafety Resources 1

Some great Cybersafety resources here, including lesson plans and films for students to watch and learn from.

The North Pole, Christmas time for primary students

The North Pole has lots of interactive Christmas activities for younger students to explore.

Edublogs, the place to make class blogs safely on the net

Edublogs is the place where teachers can set up and run a class blog with their students safely, all within the teacher's account.

Build your own wild self avatar maker

Build your own self avatar making website allows you to build an avatar that may look like yourself., a brilliant mind mapping free website allows you to produce your own concept maps and then save them as a jpg file and share them picture with others on the net if you want to do so.

How big really, comparing the world

How Big Really let's you compare how big things are around the world in comparison to other landmarks and disasters. Great for sose work.

Blabberize, turn your photos into talking photos

Blabberize lets you choose any photo and put a mouth on it and record your voice to make the photo speak to someone else. Great for getting students to show their knowledge on a topic or person.

Note flight, a great website for composing music, for the more advanced musical student.

Note flight is an excellent website that let's students compose their own sophisticated music scores.

Audacity, a great way to edit audio clips

Audacity is one of the most used audio editing software. It's free and easy to use.

Midnight at the museum: adventure game with the world's famous paintings

Midnight at the museum is a clever online adventure game where robbers have stolen the world's famous paintings. Students need to follow the clues to find the paintings.

Art encyclopedia: all the world's museums at your fingers

Art encyclopedia let's you search the world's museums and artist and paintings.

A Wonderful Website for Interactive Lessons (Kinder - Grade 3 Level)

Here is a great website that has lots of wonderful ICT interactive resources for Kinder to Grade 3 students. You can see the areas in the picture to the right.  Have a look at them. Great to use with the students on the IWB.

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