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Friday, April 29, 2011

Make Your Own Game Easily with lluinteractive will let you make your own cool game easily. sign up required.

Create Your Own IWB Resources Easily from Templates

Here you will find a range of wonderful IWB templates that you can use to make activities for your students.  Just save the file to your computer and go for it.

London Online: A Fabulous UK site for Teaching Basic Skills is a great site for teaching about basic skills in life.

184 Christmas Activities for the IWB at TES Connect
Here you will find 184 activities to do on the IWB for Christmas. Sign up is required to access these. sign up is free.

TES Connect: Persusive Writing Resources for You,42198,42585,42610,42617&mode=browse  
Sign up is required to access these resources.

TES Connect: Great Place to Find Resources already made by others

TES Connect is a wonderful site for grabbing resources that other teachers have already made for you.  You need to sign up for an account which isn't too hard and then it is all there for you.

The link I have provided here for you may require you to sign up first to access it.  It is a ppt about the input and output devices in ICT.  It will be a good one for the ICT checklist skill that relates to this aspect of ICT.

Free Technology for Teachers: A Fabulous Site for Everything You'll Ever Need is a great site for everything to do with ICT and resources. Thanks to Richard Byrne for providing this resources for us all.

How to Use Office 2010 Tutorials Guides on the Net
Is where you will find interactive Flash films that will show you how to use the Office 2010 programs (just like you used to do with the Office XP version of the programs.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ITRT: A Great Site from Salem that Has Lots of Great ICT this website is another one that has IWB files, Web 2.0 tools, digital storytelling etc. etc. (a bit like what my site has!!).

Real Player: Great Way to download, watch, convert and Trim your Youtube Films download the Real Player for free and then whenever a downloaded film comes on your internet screen, (like the one on the right), a "Download this video" tab appears that lets you download it to your computer straight away.

An Example of IWB Tutorial Films at Making a table and using it in Notebook

Docspal: Convert any file types Online This website will let you convert any type of video or audio file online.

Interactive Whiteboard Tutorials to Follow (as Notebook Files already done) This is another great site for Smartboard resources and tutorials. The tutorials are found in the 'class' pages  and the 'videos' sections on the site and the resources are a whole lot of already to use FLash objects.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embed Plus: A New Way to SHow Youtube Films to SOmeone is a website that lets you enter a youtube film and then choose the start and end time and make annotations etc. to your film, and then it puts your edited youtube clip straight into a URL address for others to see.  Here is an example:

Primary Wall: A Way of Students Collaborating Online is a website that lets you and your students collaborate/discuss ideas online in real time.  It is recommended that  Cybersafety resources be shown to students before exploring this type of tool , known as Web 2.0 tool.

Safety Land: An Online Cybersafety Game/Quiz (no sign up needed)

Safety Land is a great online game for your students to play that teaches them about Cybersafety. You can even print out the game as a PDF file to play in the classroom. A winner!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cybersmart: Connect.Ed Online PL for Teachers about Cybersafety in Australia

Cybersmart is the Australian Government's Cybersafety website. They now have a great online PL program for teachers to use with their classes. It contains great videos and simulations about the 'real' cyber world and teenagers lives in it.  You need to enrol to have a look at it, but it is worth a look.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Play the "Frog Race" game on the IWB at the End of the Lesson to Test Understanding This Frog Race game is a great to see if your students have understood and retained what you have taught them throughout the lesson. Play the game on the IWB at the end of the lesson with a few students (or teams of students) as a fun way to finish the lesson (and test your students' understanding gained from the lesson).

New Category of Postings to be Called "CheckUnderstanding"

I am going to add a new category of Postings called "Check Understanding". It will appear on the bottom left listing on this page.  This category will be for websites/programs that will allow the teachers to test/assess their students' understanding of content covered in the lesson mainly.  To be used as a 'I think he/she got that lesson's information, but I need a way to check!! :)"

Help Your Students to Find Web Pages for their Reading Age
This wonderful website lets your students search the web (with Google search enging) and then it lets them see which websites are harder/easier to read than the others in the list.  Look at my picture to the right to see how fantastic this website is find helping students research a certain topic.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Excellent quick lesson starters for all Iwbs and English/maths

This site has lots of fun iwb activities that you can use with your classes. Take a minute to look at them. They will help you out.

K-3 teacher resources: excellent for early childhood

Here is a great website for grades k-3. Buy the yearly subscription for more activities, only $22.

Illuminations: maths interactives from us national council maths teachers , lots of good maths interactives and learning objects for all grades and topics.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Cybersafety Unit (and Intro Film) All Ready for you To Download

Below is a great Cybersafety film for your students to watch (in particular Grades K-4).

This website: has units of work already done for you to download and teach to your class.   You can sign up as a teacher and get access to all their Cybersafety resources (including Parental Letters and sheets for parents). By signing up, you create a space where a 'checklist' will guide you through implementing a Cybersafety program at your school. It guides you through all the steps and gives you all the resources to use with the students and parents in the school commuity. It is wonderful!!!

The units of work  are found below: (click on the titles to go to the pages):

Safety and Security
Students learn concrete skills to stay safe and secure online.
Digital Citizenship
Students reflect on how to behave ethically online.
Research and Information Literacy
Students think critically about finding and evaluating information online.

Edugames for the Periodic Table

Here is a website that lets your students play Periodic Table EduGames.

Scootle, Learning Federation Learning Objects are Great (Australia Only)

Scootle is a great place to find Learning Objects for your students to use. ESA (Learning Federation and Curriculum Corporation combined to form ESA) are now mapping these learning objects to the Australian Curriculum and it looks great.  It is called "Connect". Well worth the look.  If your Department uses Equella Database, then that is also a way to find these learning objects.

A Wonderful Elluminate Session about Digital Storytelling Tools

I just found this wonderful Elluminate session that talks about all different Digital Storytelling tools to use. Get a cuppa and sit back and watch it.

All the Digital Storytelling Tools You Will Ever Need!

Now here's a comprehensive list of all the Digital Storytelling tools that are out there at the moment to use.  It is a great list. I know because I went through the list and all the great ones that I use were on the list and then some more to go with them!!  Well done to these people!

Want to Know How to Use a Smartboard? Tutorial Films Here

A colleague of mine has just started-up a wonderful new blog. It can be found at : . I love it and I'm sure you will also.  It provides lots of great information about Interactive Whiteboard Pedagogy. In particular, there is section on "tutorials" that contains lots of great Flash Tutorials on how to use an Interactive Whiteboard.  The information and links below have been taken from this blog. I don't want to take any credit for this and want to acknowledge that my colleague has spent much effort and time finding these tutorial and I would like to thank her.

Getting started: Learning how to ‘drive’ the SmartBoard

Introduction to the basics - drawing and writing; saving files Lplate2
Typing text - changing the default colour,size and font; moving and re-sizing text; fixing typing mistakes
Using the pens – changing colour, thickness and pattern of pens, transcribing handwriting into typed text, hide-and-reveal with the pens
Shape pens - how they work
Using objects – creating objects, changing how they look, cloning     
Locking down objects – so they don’t move when you don’t want them to!
Using the cloning tool - to make lots of copies of an object quickly and easily
Magic pen tool – explains its three functions     A printable summary - of the toolbar functions
Working with Notebook files – Saving, printing and exporting
Navigating around NoteBook 10 - creating, deleting and moving pages around; auto-hide; moving tool bars
Exploring the Gallery – clip art, multimedia flash objects and backrounds       A printable summary of how to use the Gallery

 Moving on … more advanced functions  Pplate1

Making hyperlinks – to web pages, files, other pages
Recording sound - record a short sound and link to an object
Introduction to layering and grouping objects – choose which objects are in front of others, grouping separate objects into one
Layering objects – simple ways to cover parts of the page, making pull tabs and pull-out answer sheets – explained in detail
Ways to use layering and grouping - mored advanced examples explained in detail
Lesson activity toolkit- how to use this secton in the gallery: great for students working independently at the board
How to create your own customised gallery
Using Smart Recorder – to create a screen cast video
Creating gameboards- how to create an interactive gameboard for students to use

Handy hints and tips

Using the eye dropper tool – to match colours exactly
Making clip art back ground transparent – handy if you have a coloured background

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