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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Page Flip-Flap: Finally a Way to convert Documents to Flip Books Finally, there is an easy to use, no sign up needed way to convert your word, ppt, pdf documents to a 'flip book' for students to read in an engaging way. It is all web based and you upload your documetn to the website and it converts it to a flip book for you. the website gives you a URL to click on to see your flip book. Just remember that the documents you put on the website will be stored on the website (somewhere) and hence, you need to remember not to put any sensitive material onto the document to be converted (e.g. students' names, details etc.). Great for turning documents into Big Books for the younger students.

Two Videos about Project Based Learning PBL will explain Project Based Learning to you. PBL is very important for when you are teaching with lots of laptops and want students to collaborate.

National Geographic: Assistance in Teaching Geography

National Geographic Map Maker Interactive website Just like Google Earth, but web based. You can find a location on the globe, draw lines, put markers on it and measure distance very easily and quickly. then save it as a picture to the computer. Check it out.

BBC schools Website has heaps of resources for teachers to use

ABC iView: For Australian Teachers

You will find ABC TV programs here to stream: 

SLR Cameras Explained in this Simulation this website explains how to use a SLR camera and also provides a simulation to use.

Pronunciator: A Free Website for ESL and LOTE Teachers to Use is a free website that allows LOTE and ESL teachers to teach pronunication of various languages.

BBC Email and Web Simulations for Younger Students this website has a few online simulation courses that the younger students can progress through that teaches them how to use the internet and email in a simulation style (handy when they don't have their own email and are learning to navigate the internet).

Art Resources this site provides ideas on how to use ICT with Art.

GeogabraTube A great place for Geogabra tutorials and help.

Gwigle: A Great Way to Teach Students how to Search Google Effectively is a web based game that will help you teach your students how to search google effectively. See how far you can get?

answers are:

Mission Impossible
(Nano) Ipod
Don’t be evil
8 (^) 7
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Hong Kong

TenMarks: Interactive Maths Courses for Teachers to use with Students is a great website that allows teachers to set up classes for free and enrol their students into the password protected courses. The teacher can determine what curriculum will look like in their courses and the Curriculum Units are taken from the existing Curriculum in the USA at present.  Teachers can track students progress and assign exercises for the students to do. the students can click on the videos to help them understand how to do the tasks and then do the multiple choice questions and get the correct answers instantly. It's great. check it out.

Exploriments: A Simulation Games website for Maths and Science Teachers this website has interactive simulation based games for Science and Maths teachers to use.

Searching the Internet Effectively: Lesson Plans from Google

These lessons will help you teach "how to search the internet effectively" (skills 1, 2, 3) on the Skills Checklist

Artrage Tutorials

Here is a lot of Artrage tutorials for you to download

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