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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Students can Act Differently Online vs Face to Face this film shows a teenager interacting with another male. Would this teenager communicate differently if the interaction was taking place in a Blog or Wiki or any other Online Communication tool??????

A Good Place For Teaching Ideas is a website that gives you already made resources to assist you in your teaching.

An Interactive and Powerful Human Body Simulation Website contains some wonderful interactive and animated simulations about the human body and its parts. You may find it useful for teaching your students. Please ensure that you check out the site before showing it to your students (to evaluate its appropriateness for the age of your students). Thanks.

Show the Crowd Where Your Cursor is on the Screen

I recently downloaded a neat application from 
 that lets me put a circle or square around my cursor in any colour I want to help my audience see where my cursor is doing a presentation. It might be handy for you when you are teaching a program to your students and you want them to see where your cursor is!!

The 'Story of Mathematics' Is Here gives you a look at the history of Mathematics across various time periods and various cultures.

Explain the World Wide Web to your Students through Common Craft Film will take you to a easy to understand film made to teach you and your students how the World Wide Web works.

How Does Google Search Actually Work? is a film that explains to you and your students how Google indexes and searches for new websites every day. It explains how the websites are found by Google 'crawlers' and how these crawlers then work out which website should go as numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. on the Google Search pages.  Quite interesting hey? and you may have always wanted to know these answers!!

What Not To Do when Using PowerPoint is a blog posting that contains some really good tips on what not to do when presenting PowerPoint presentations. It might be handy for you when teaching your students how to use PowerPoint and what they should and should not be doing in the process.

Great Animated Video about Computer Viruses contains a great simple to understand animated video on computer viruses and how they work. You may be interested in learning more about viruses and you may feel like your students should also know about viruses and how they act in computers.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinking Blocks: Excellent Way to Teach Mathematics by Moving Blocks is a great website where students visually manipulate blocks to show their understanding of written mathematical problems.

Stop Disasters Simulation Game allows students to choose a place in the world and try to avert a disaster from happening by spending their allocated budget and preparing the land.

Great Icebreakers for Your Classes for a good set of icebreakers for you to use.

Students can Design their own 3D House for a Particular Person this site challenges students to design their own house for a hypothetical person/client. Students need to understand the client and then go about designing their place for them to live in. Your students will love this. Frank will also help you with tips along the way!

UMapper: Easy to Use Web Based Map Maker allows you to make maps on the website and then the map that you make is saved as a weblink for others to click on. You can add place markers, lines, shapes and labels to the world map and to add images you need to sign up for an account.

TESENGLISH: The English downloadable resources on the TES website for English teachers  there are 2000 downloadable resources ready for you to teach English with.

Google Lesson Plans for Searching the Web Effectively is a website where Google has put together a set of lesson plans to assist with 'searching the internet effectively'.

PBS Teachers: Lots of Great Reference/Publications about ICT and Teaching Is a website that has lots of great 'reference/publications' about ICT and teaching that you may find handy.

Action Tracker: Students Learning How to Act Responsibly This websites gives students a list of great social actions they can take on to help sustain the planet. It gives you the teaching ideas to go with these actions as well.

Documentary Heaven: Lots of Documentary Films Already Sorted For You is a website that contains many documentaries for you to show. Just make sure you watch the documentary yourself first before showing it to your class (to check it is suitable for the class).

Top Documentary Films for your Classes to Watch is a website that gives you a list of documentaries that you can watch and show your students. All different subject areas available. Make sure you watch the film first before you show your class to test its appropriateness for the class.

Kids Science Challenge: Great Science Games and Videos has a few Science games and videos to utilise.

Soapbox: a Website That Gives your Students a Voice is a website where a teacher can set up a 'poll' for students to go into and say "I'm still confused" or "I get it" to a particular question in the classroom. The results are shown instantly in a poll and the poll is set up by the teacher and a web address is given to the students to click on to enter the poll.  Students do not need to enter their own details and just click on the link an dthen click on the answer that applies to them for the question asked. The teacher has a secret pin that lets them manage and update the poll when needed. I still need to play around with this more, but it looks pretty good and safe for our students to use in the classroom

Explania: Great Animated Films to Show to your Classes Here are a small range of animated films that could be handy when looking for a cartoon explanation to show to your students.

Famigo: iPad Apps Already Found For you and Organised Here's a website that has already looked for great educational iPad apps that you can sort through and download for your students. You can search based upon age and it is a wonderful resource for you to use with the ipad. Check it out.

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