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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smoothboard air duo: unlimited iPads and phones all collaborating with each other and results shown on teacher laptop

Download smoothboard air duo software from internet and then lots of ipads and phones can all connect to the same screen by entering the one web address and a pin number. Collaboration on the same webpage, word document and anything on the screen!

Smoothboard software turns normal whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard software and a wii remote and you can turn a normal whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard, all for under $100. Nice!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thank you to Microsoft for my 2 gold medal Ratings

Recently I submitted two projects to the microsoft Partners in Learning website and both of my projects were awarded a 'Gold level' rating on the website. My projects were 'MS Onenote: the Next VLE' (using Onenote as a VLE and including student eportfolios in Onenote) and Making animated films using MS PowerPoint. Thank you Microsoft.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Smartboard Express: Students Don't Need Smartboard Software Installed to Do Notebook Files on their Own Laptops

Teachers are making Notebook files and showing them on the Smartboard to the students. There are also activities on the Notebook file that the teacher wants the students to complete. It is possible for students to have the teacher's copy of the Notebook file on their own laptop and complete
the activities on their own laptop (without the students having the Smartboard software installed on their laptop). How? Well, the student can go to (the web based version of Smartboard where students don’t need to install the Smartboard software on their laptops to view, edit and save Notebook files). Basically, teacher does Notebook file with activities for students to complete. Teacher gives Notebook file to students. Students go to site above and click File-Open. They open up Notebook file obtained from the teacher. They complete activities In Notebook file on their own laptops. They click ‘save as’ and save to their computer. They give Notebook file back to teacher with all activities completed. Teacher marks work. Done!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finally a great and easy way to make a big book or animated book on the computer with

I am always looking for an easy way to grab some text and put together as an animated flip
book or big book. Now i have found it on the website. Get the text, paste it in the box and then it converts into an animated book. You can save it as a html web page or embed it into your website or Fronter page. Get it by clicking here

Making timelines easily with

Finally a simple way to make detailed timelines with images. You will love this and so will your

Make arcade games with

Here's an example of the type of arcade game you can make with Good luck. Click here to play

Class the best place for making your own games, timelines etc. for class

Here's a great site that finally gives us the easiest way to make our own arcade games, timelines and lots of other great teaching resources that we can save as a webpage or even
get an embed code that can go into any website or into Fronter. Check it out and you will see how easy the activities are to make.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Already-made Rubrics to download

Looking for already made rubrics? Who isnt! Well have a look at this site. You may have to play for some of them, but still it will help out somewhat.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

TeachIt For Geography, Science, Maths, EAL, Foreign Languages and Citizenship Teachers

The UK website called TeachIt now has these subjects covered as well, not just English
teaching. A small fee will get you full membership and Dept. membership. Loads of resources available here all made by teachers. Just go to the teachit website and find the links at the bottom of the page for these subjects.

Teachithistory: excellent history teaching resources

For many years, there has been a wonderful website of resources for English teachers called TeachIt. Now, there is an equivalent site that caters for History teachers. It contains many
worksheets, interactive activities etc. for the History classroom. Some of the resources are free but for a small fee you can join the site and access many more activities. Heads of History Departments can join up there whole dept. of teachers for a good price. The picture here will show you that there is now a TeachIt website for lots of subject areas.

Textivate: the easiest way to make cut and paste interactive activities

Here is a website called Textivate where you just enter your text into the box and it divides the text into many
different parts and sections and makes it into a cut and paste task. It even mixes all the sections up so the students have to put them back in the right order. Do it on the iwb and have fun.

Curriki: lots of resources for all subject areas

Whilst looking on the microsoft Partners in Learning websites recently, i came across a
website called Curriki. This site contains many handy resources for teachers to download, once they have signed up yo the site for free. Have a look at it. It could save you time. website

Draftcraft: Updating your blog from your ipad

I jus found many great apps that will let you update your blog from your ipad without having to use your laptop all the time. As with all ict, there is always more than one app or program or
website that can do the same task. In writing my blog, i look at a few and then i tell you the one that i find the easiest to use and the best (from my eyes). The one i would use is called Draftcraft. It is simpler than the others.

Pinterest: a great source of images and a bit of fun too

This Pinterest website gives you lots of great images to use. You can even set up an account and then ' pin' your favourite images and save them for later on. You can even go to the actual website that the image is found on. Great for students and teachers to find their own images on a topic.

Bbflashback: Best screen recorder for creating step by step tutorials

There are many great screen recording programs out there that let you record your screen and save it as a video clip. However, after trying quite a few of these lately i have decided upon using bbflashback. This program is free and cheap to buy the advanced version and it lets you/a>u
create all kinds of tutorials with step by step walkthroughs and tutorials for teaching others how to use programs and websites. Try it for yourself. Im sure you'll love it.

Back to school time apps galore on App Store

I just found that there is a great list of ipad apps that will be useful on the app store home page. Have a look at thm and they may be good for you at school this year.

iPads can play flash websites

Many believe that ipads can't play flash websites. Well they can! Safari browser can't play flash but many apps are now being developed that lets you pla flash on ipads. They are browsers that you can use with your ipad to search the internet, just like you do with your safari browser, but you can also play flash websites and games in these browsers. try them for yourself. You can also download and save films from the internet with the azul app. You just "open in......azul".

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