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Friday, August 30, 2013

Where can I find Documentary and films On the Internet/Online?

There are many different websites that let you watch great educational documentaries.  Here are just a few of them for you to use. To search all these website at once, go to : and type in your search terms in the google search box that appears on that page.  You will get a list of all the films that have those search terms in these websites!!!

Huzzaz A way of finding and sharing Great Online Films on the Internet

I just found this site that looks promising. It seems to be a way of sharing online videos and saving them to your account for future usage. With so many films out there, it will be great to have a way where everyone can sort through the available films and then share them similar to does with pictures. I have requested access to the beta version of Huzzaz and I will keep you posted in future.

VideoSparkNotes: Animated films that teach the Classical Novels from History on Youtube

If you are teaching English and you want to find an animated, easy to understand film that you can show to your students to help them understand the novel (e.g. Charles Dickens, To Kill a Mockingbird, Odyssey, 1984 etc.), then go to the YouTube Channel and you won't be disappointed!

Dreambox has lots of good Interactives for teaching basic Math skills on the IWB

This site has lots of good Math Interactives for the IWB if you are looking for some?  Check it out.

Great Cybersafety (and other) Games Here at has some great Cybersafety games for your students to play. The site also has many other great games for all different areas of the curriculum (see pic below):

The Scratch Program is Now Online

For many years now, the Scratch Programming software has been used to teach students how the basics around coding and programming in schools. It is a wonderful program and if you haven't had a look at it, I suggest you do so today. The software used to be only accessible by downloading it from the MIT site, but now it is online. Students can sign up with an account and then make their games/advertisements/animations etc. without having to download anything. They can even share their work with others.  The link is here:

Spice up Your Lesson with this Star Wars Online Message Creator

I just came across this website:  It lets you create a message/information paragraph for your class to read on the IWB that looks just like the Star Wars opening lines (that scrolled up the screen)! Check it out and use it.

Fronter VLE Tutorial Films for You on My Youtube Channel

I have recently created 20 "how to use Fronter VLE" tutorial step-by-step films. I have placed these on my Youtube Channel if you are interested in looking at them. You will find them at: .  Hope they help you out.  Thanks.

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