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Friday, September 27, 2013

EOL: everything to do with life

Want to find info about something living on Earth?

How a car engine works animated

Here's a neat way to teach how a car engine works.

MIT App Inventor: Making an app in a browser with a google account

Looking to make an app? Why not look at this site made by the makers of Scratch program. It seems like you can enter your google account details and then make the app in your browser. I havent had a play with this yet, but i hope to very soon.>/

Codeacademy: a good place to start for learning how to code

Try this site if your students want to learn what coding is all about. htt://>/

Hopscotch: free app for teaching students how to code and program like Scratch does

Got a student with an ipad wanting to learn how to code simply with block logic, then tell them download the ipad app called Hopscotch. Its free and works like Scratch does. Video tutorials for hundreds of commonly used websites and software

Looking for a film that shows you how to use a commonly used website that you can use in? Then do a search for your website here: the classroom

Science Virtual Experiments and Simulations

Try this site for online science experiments/simulations to use with your class.>l

Spice up your lesson with a road sign showing the lesson goals

Try this neat tool for the start of your next lesson!

Inside Facebook: a documentary to watch

Quite an interesting look at facebook and how it began.>/

The Virtual Revolution Documentary looks at the Founders of Web 2.0 tools

Just found this series online and it looks interesting as it shows many of the founders of the world's major web 2.0 sites.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

20 Fronter VLE Tutorial Films Available to Watch

I have recently created 20 tutorial films that show you how to use the Fronter VLE. The films go for approx 2 mins each. They take you through Fronter in order of what you need to know to use Fronter. You can watch these films on my youtube channel at /a>

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quickoffice: Free iPad App that Can Edit Office Documents and is Google Drive Compatible

I have just heard that there is a new iPad/iPhone/Android app that lets you edit Microsoft Office and the app also integrates well with Google Drive (plus getting 15GB free storage) so you can access your files from anywhere and edit them from anywhere.  Have a look at it:  it is called Quickoffice. You'll get it from App Store and Google Play Store. My other choice for a good Office-editing app for your iPad is called 'Office2HD'.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 : A good place if you want to Create your own Website

Many people ask me how to get their own website address and is there a program/website that allows them to make their own website easily (drag and drop) without having to know how to code.  I use the website for my website. It is a 'web-based' website creation site that lets you update your website online anywhere in the world without having to download any software program to your computer. Have a look at it and see what you think. You can get a free website here (which still contains the extension on it),  but you can also buy your own domain name (that doesn't have the attached to it) and use that as your website address.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Videoscribe has a great app to make Animated films easily

The last few postings have been about the videoscribe program. I just found out that you can download the app for your ipad. This means that your students can make great animated films very easily and they look great. I am going to add a film mad with the ipad app to my youtube channel soon.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Create Your Own "RSA Animate" Presentations with VideoScribe software

I am sure that you have seen the wonderful "RSA Animate" presentations on the Internet. If you haven't, go to and check it out. Basically, the website looks at many theories that are proposed by theorists and then the website draws the information in a great and engaging manner. I always wanted to do what the RSA Animate website does. Then I saw it being done at a conference recently. Well, to achieve the same result as the website, you can download the software at .  I will do so now and will hopefully post an example of what can done with the software here soon. Thanks.

Thursday, September 5, 2013 Lets Work together to create video libraries for teaching australian curriculum

A few days ago i posted a wonderful new way of gathering all your favourite youtube clips into an online space called . It is exactly what we need to do as educators. We must work together and share the resources we are usingto teach the australian curriculum. Now i know that there are thousands of online spaces, but they arent all as good as this one for saving and then sharing youtube clips. By signing up to, you can make folders and then save your youtube clips into the folders. Your friends can do the same. Then you can see what films they have saved in their folders and you can add their films to any of your folders very simply with a click. They can also copy your saved films. To assist teachers around the world with youtube clips, i have created a series of folders that teach history. Feel free to grab some of my films and add them to your folders in huzzaz. Together we can help each other. I will be addingto these folders and creating new ones. You will find my collection at Take a few minutes now to sign up for huzzaz at and it will make your films easier and quicker to find in the future.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Cybersafety User Agreements for Students and Cybersafety Resources for Parents & Schools

I was just looking through the fabulous site for cybersafety resources.  I found these 2 great pages that have many wonderful resources such as a 'student cybersafety contract form' and other great tips for parents who need support around their children and their use of the Internet.  Have a look at it:  and
The 'student cybersafety user agreements forms' can be downloaded from:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Seven Steps to Effective Web Evaluation: is a high quality website/blog that gives you lots of useful info for teaching with ICT.
I came across this blog recently.  I loved the '7 steps to Web Evaluation' model ( which uses the letters a-g to allow students and teachers an easy way to remember what to look out for when checking out the validity of websites (e.g. evaluating the websites).  For example:  a=Get to know who the author is, b=any bias in the content? etc.
Have a look at this website if you want to know how you can successfully teach your students how to evaluate websites in the future. I have seen quite a few websites that help to teach evaluation skills, but this is one of the best that I have seen.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

TES Australia has thousands of australian Curriculum teaching resources to download free

TES Australia has thousands of australian Curriculum teaching resources to download. These files have been created by teachers and used by them in their classrooms around the world. You can even submit your own files for others to download.

Find a file easily in a series of websites with google custom search

If you have a set of websites where you can find great files and want to be able to search all these websites at once to find any file that is contained in the set of websites, then create a 'google custom search'. I will produce a film tutorial on how to do this and put it on my youtube channel soon. If you cant wait until then, have a look at this page>/ .

Organise your favourite youtube clips and share them easily with

A few days ago i mentioned . I signed up for the beta version and i love it. Basically, you can make you collections of youtube clips and stor them in your account in folders. You can also view other people's youtube collections and folders and put thei clips into your account. You can 'follow' them to see wha other clips they can share with you. Finally, heres an easy way to manage your favourite youtube clips and find othe clips fast that others hav found already for you.

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