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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Cybersafety Surveys and Quizzes to Give to Your Students Pre and Post Lesson/Unit

I have just found on the website a variety of printable tests/quizzes/surveys that you can give to your students at the start of your Cybersafety unit to find out what they know already. Be sure to check this page out to see how good these resources will be for you to use:

Monday, October 28, 2013 Resources for teaching Asian content in different subject areas

This website gives you a range of spaces to go to for resources to help teach Asian content in all Australian curriculum areas, English, History, Science, Maths and Geography.>h a Wonderful website for everything around Asian Studies/Education

I have just been shown a great website for everything to do with teaching Asian Studies, and for all subject areas, that i suggest all teachers have a look at. It is found @ .

Monday, October 21, 2013 A good selection of Cyberbullying Resources for schools and children has a good range of cyberbullying resources for schools looking to stop cyberbullying and for students needing advice around cyberbullying. Q and A for Parents and Cyberbullying

Here is a webpage(s) that gives parents questions and answers advice around when and how to get involved if they believe cyberbullying is occuring with their child:

This first page also has links to more pages that contain both questions and answers for parents.

A Film to Show How Parents can Help their Children Act Responsibly in the Digital Age

This great film shows how parents can help their children in the digital age and what type of advice they can give to their children to help them through the digital world.

Website that Gives Adults some Advice on how to talk to Children about Cybersafety

This website gives ideas to parents who are wanting to approach the topic of cybersafety with their children:

Watch this film to see what Childs Life in a Connected and Digital World Looks Like

Want to know what the digital world is like for a child in the 21st century, then watch this film:

A Great Cyberbullying Film that is Directed towards a Parent audience

This film gives parents great advice on how to teach their children to look after themselves (and others) when using online communication and social media.  This film will help those parents who need assistance in talking to their children about online media and behaviour. Tips for Parents on how to talk to their Children around cyberbullying gives a range of tips designed for parents who want to know how to talk to their children about cyberbullying.

A good list of Resources to Help Parents around Cyberbullying

Here is a nice list of resources that parents can use to help them around the issue of cyberbullying. A Website that Teaches Students about How to cope with Social Pressure in Digital Age  gives lots of scenario and films that aim to teach children how to cope with peer pressure in the digital age. Expert Cyberbullying Advice for Parents Here has a great webpage that gives expert advice to parents worried that their child may be being cyberbullied or cyberbullying other children. It gives a range of advice for different ages of children. 

Cyberbullying: What the Research was Telling us in 2010

I found this slideshow that outlined what the research was telling us about cyberbullying in 2010. It is very interesting to read and something that all educators, parents and children should be aware of. Website that Has Great Advice for Parents concerned about Cyberbullying and their child is a very useful and informative webpage that has a great deal of expert advice for parents concerned with cyberbullying. It contains many great resources to help understand the area of cyberbullying and how parents can help their children. Everyone should have a look at this webpage. : Has already found the best iPad apps for education

If you are looking for a site that has found good iPad apps for education, then go to: as this site has already found the best apps for you.

Pause and Think Online: A Wonderful Cybersafety Film that All Kids and Adults will Love

I just found this wonderful and entertaining cybersafety film that all kids will love to watch and that has a strong message around being safe and acting responsibly online.  Have a look at it:

Video FX Live: A Great Stop Motion Animation App for the iPad

Many schools are now going down the iPad path and today I found a great free app that can allow students to make stop motion animation films with their iPad and the built in camera.
The app is called "Video FX Live" and you can get it from the App Store and iTunes.  My students used it today and it is easy to use and lets them make their own films using the stop motion animation style.  They told me that they just had to reduce the speed of the video/film when making the film. If you are teaching animation films with iPads, you should get this app.

Why Stop Motion: Wolf and Pig and Gulp Are Great Examples of Stop Motion to show your Students

People often wonder "why is stop motion animation so good and what does it do that other film making tasks do not do" or "why use Stop motion animation when you can do filming from a camera".  I used to be one of these people that would see stop motion animation as 'a tedious and long process that involves painstakingly moving little figures around to make a movie", but now I think differently.
The answer is that stop motion lets you and your students make films that you couldn't make any other way! Stop motion films look like real films (like using a flip camera) but you could not possibly achieve the same film in 1 shot and it would take lots of little films to make the same type of film.
Here are some examples that you can show to your students that show them what type of films they can make with stop motion (that they could not possibly make with a flip camera).

Monkey Jam is a Great Way to Do Stop Motion Animation

There is a free downloaded program called "Monkey Jam" that lets you and your students make stop motion animation films (with a webcam or by importing images from your computer) and then you can put your film into Movie Maker to edit it and add titles, captions, narrations, effects and transitions.  There are many stop motion animation programs out there (I won't mention them here) that can not do what Monkey Jam can do.
With Monkey Jam, you can also have different 'layers'. This means that you can have more than 1 animation/film occuring at the same time in the 1 film (if that makes sense!?).
To download Monkey Jam, go to .  The program has a good help section on the main program screen that will help you out.
A good tip is to change the FPS speed to "3" when students are learning to do stop motion as then they can see how the stop motion concept works (otherwise the film will go to fast for them to see what is happening if it is set to 25 fps).
Here's a good online tutorial to learn Monkey Jam from: 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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I have plans (when i get the time) to add more to the grade 6/10 Checklist page on my blog, by adding websites and activities that are aligned with the 24 skills and that can be used to assess the students on these skills.
The blog is currently taking 2000 page hits per month, and i am thinking that a good deal of this total is due to you. So, thanks again.
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