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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Download Microsoft OneNote to any device for free

For many years people have been asking how do they get OneNote. Well, it looks like it is now free for any device. Just go to and download it for any device!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bullying No Way: Australian National Action Day Against Bullying Website Resources

The Australian Government has produced a wonderful website that provided many whole school curriculum resources for schools to use when teaching students about bullying. The resources are split into Year levels and all schools will find enough here to adequately put together a Anti-bullying resource package and curriculum. Have a look at this important website now. . The teachers' resource section is at>l

Take a Stand Together: website to help students know what to do around bullying

This great website has been created by the Australian Government to teach students what to do if they or someone they know is being bullied. It contains excellent films to show your students.>/
This website is complemented with the National Action Day this Friday tml
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Sorry about all the emails today

Hi blog subscriber, just wanted to apologise for flooding your inbox with emails today. Basically, i have had a bit of computer problems!! It shouldnt happen again. Thanks. Scott

Grade 6/10 ICT Checklist Resources and Websites for your Students to use now

Many schools are looking for websites and programs that will allow their grade 6 and grade 10 students to show their 24 ICT skills to their teachers. Well, on this blog, i have categorised the 300+ resources into ICT checklist groupings. Go her and see what I mean:>l

Screencastomatic: free screen capture for windows I found out about this free screen capture program for pc today. It looks good as it seems like you can save the file you produce as a an avi or flv file. Some other popular screen capture tools only let you save it as a .swf file which you cant upload to youtube and seemingly impossible to convert to a flv or avi or wmv file type. For a small fee you can remove the watermark from your films. You can also install the program on your computer or use it live on the web as a storage place. i am going to have a look at this program soon. My colleague told me about it today! Thanks to him.

Free Puffin Browser (iPad) and a Dropbox app (iPad) = save any file from web to Dropbox and upload to web from Dropbox

An annoying thing about using the internet on an ipad is that it is hard to save files (eg word docs, ppt) that appear as 'links' on the web page and it is also hard to upload work from the ipad to web spaces. This is particularly true when you are using VLEs. Well, if you install the free version of Puffin Browser from the App Store (which also lets you play flash websites on the ipad) and install the dropbox app, then you can merely put your finger on the file link that you want to save and it asks you if you want to save the file to your dropbox account or to the ipad itself. You can also upload files from your dropbox to a web space using the Puffin free browser on the ipad.

Dragon dictation App (iPads) & (chrome) for accurate speech to text recognition

Sometimes teachers want to say a fair bit about a student's piece of work and give great feedback without them having to write or type out all the feedback notes to give to the student. One way to overcome that is to merely dowmload/install an app like Dragon Dictation and speak into the app with your feedback. Then the app converts it to text for you to copy and paste or email to your student straight away. Another similar program which i have learnt about tonight and need to review soon is called>/. . This apparently works the same but in your chrome browser. I guarantee you will save a great deal of time using dragon dictation when marking work (and wont have to constantly typing).

School AtoZ NSW Cybersafety website

The NSW website:>y contains wonderful advice for parents and teachers around talking to children about cyberbullying, cybersafety and using technology Parents and cybersafety advice to children

This website:>- gives great points on how to stay safe online. It also gives excellent links to other websites around cybersafety tips.

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