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Friday, September 18, 2015

Teaching students 10 tips for proper online etiquette

It is important for teachers to teach students how to interact appropriate whilst online and use proper online etiquette.  On the right of this blog page you will find a few ICT checklist skills that relate to this area and supporting activities for teaching it.
Here is another good list of online etiquette or netiquette skills to teach students. Why not set up a padlet for the class to discuss a topic relating to your course (see a previous blog post on how to set up a padlet easily for your class to use) and then get them to show their understanding around netiquette by following the skills shown here: . By doing this you can assess quite a few of the checklist skills in a lesson.

Thursday, September 17, 2015 : The perfect 1:1 Student response tool

With so much emphasis being placed on formative assessment in our BYOT classrooms these days there is a necessity for teachers to use 1:1 student response websites with their students and their own devices. is the perfect tool. Teachers can sign up for a free account and these produce interactive presentations for all students in the class to participate in. Students go to and enter a pin and their first name. The teacher then release each slide to all the students devices simultaneously. The Teacher can then see all their students answers on the same webpage. It is great. I could write a book about it. Have a play with it and find out why you cant teach without it. It is similar to but it has more functionality as teachers can place diagrams and worksheets on it for all students to write and draw on. If you liked kahoot website you will love Nearpod. Students do not need to sign up to use it. There are thousands available for use straight away or make your own presentation. Commonsensemedia organisation even has nearpod presentations you can use.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sway by microsoft: The next big thing in ict teaching and learning

Sway by microsoft is an amazing new product that lets you place all your unit's ict resources (word docs photos youtube films ppts websites etc) all on the one page or canvas so you and students can see all the resources quickly and click on each one straight away instead of you always having to click on the various links to find your resources!

I will make a short film showing more of sway soon and will put it onto my youtube channel. But for now here are a few films to show you how great this free product is for you and your students.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Use to Create and Maintain Collaborative Online Space for Students and Teachers

Many people have heard of and know that it is effective for setting up and maintaining online collaborative spaces for students and staff to use 24/7 in any browser, but they may not know how to set up a Padlet.
Here is a short film that explains how to set up your own Padlet account and how to create Padlet online spaces for students and teachers to use:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Make your Own Family Feud Game for the Classroom with this PowerPoint Template

I just found this wonderful PowerPoint template that is already set up to create your Family Feud game. You can easily use the PPT template to add your own questions and answers and then play the Family Feud with your classes. It (and many more like it) can be found at
This is a great way to test your students' understanding around a topic at the start, middle or end of a unit of work.
These types of games take a long time to make and it is great that there is already one made to help all of us use ICT in our classrooms.

Fronter VLE "How To" Films for You to Learn From

I have made around 30 "How to use Fronter VLE" films that you may be interested in. The films can be viewed at
The films are titled "Part 1, Part 2 etc." in order of skill development needed to use Fronter. So, if you follow the films then you will go through the sequential steps required to find Fronter on the Internet, log into Fronter, Find your Fronter Rooms, Make your Fronter Frontpage etc. etc.
I hope they help you out :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

phet Simulations: Lots of Great Science and Math Simulations Already Made for You to Download and Use Today

I have just come across this wonderful site that contains a large number of Science and Math simulations that you can use with your students:
The Simulations are really good and they can easily be downloaded as 1 big zipped folder to your computer ( or you can download them individually or just play them in your browser.
No sign up required and there is sure to be lots for the Science and Math teacher here:

Text to Speech Recognition Tool Already to Use Within the MS Word Program

Would you like to know a way whereby the computer can read to you what is written in Microsoft Word (e.g. 'text to speech' recognition)? Here is 1 possible solution using the Microsoft Word program. There is a 'text to speech' option available in Word that you can use anytime. Here is a short film that explains how to do this smile emoticon Thanks.

This is particular handy for those students who need the words read aloud to them from a Word document.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Here are some Great Online Citizenship Flashcards or posters for your school to use

We are always looking for good posters to go on our school/classroom walls for students to read and remember how to act responsibly and safe online in today's world :)
Well, here is a set of good flashcards or posters that you can show to your students and put up around your school.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Convert PDF doc to Word Doc using MS Word and Right-click mouse

There are many free programs available for converting pdf docs to Word docs, but all you need is what you already have got.

Just right click on the pdf doc that you want to convert to a Word doc and choose "open with" and then choose "word".

This will open your pdf doc in Word and you can edit the document easily.
This is great as teachers often find great pdf documents and now their students can type their answers on the document and submit their thoughts to the teacher!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Make Sure/Test Your IWB or TV Speakers are Actually Connected/Working on your Laptop

Have you ever plugged in your IWB USB cable, TV HDMI cable, Headphones or Speakers into your laptop and wondered if they are actually connected and working?  We sometimes plug in these devices and are not sure if our laptop has actually registered the device and connected it for us.  Well, this tutorial film will show you how to quickly check if your device is connected to your laptop and connect the desired speaker as required.  Do yourself a favour and check out the short film as it may 'save you' in the classroom in the near future :)

Here is the tutorial film:  (this film has been made by Scott and can be found on his Youtube Channel at
More tutorial films, similar to this one, can be found on the YouTube Channel, and in particular in the playlist here:

Convert PDFs to Word, Split PDF Docs and Merge Different PDF Docs together Using Free Online Site

Do you often wish you could convert a PDF document to a Word Document format?  Do you often wish you could delete certain pages from a PDF Document and then save the new version of the PDF? Do you want to merge a variety of PDF document together and choose which pages you combine into the new PDF document?  Do you want to do these things quickly, easily, online and for free?
Well, the answer is here: . This website allows you to do all the things above, all online and free.  Too often, the free versions of 'pdf to word converter' programs do not always work very well and the final resultant Word document does not appear correctly and all the words and pictures are distorted and omitted.
In the few trials using this website, the PDF documents were converted to Word documents with almost perfection being observed.
Try it out yourself today.  To help you out, here are some Youtube films that will show you how to do the things listed at the start of this post:
Converting PDF to Word Doc:
Splitting PDF documents:
Merging 2 or more PDF documents and choosing pages to Merge:

Sunday, April 26, 2015 : One of the Best 1:1 Student Response BYOT formative Online Tools Available Today

With the large amount of devices that are entering classrooms around the world (via the BYOT programs existing in schools today), many teachers are looking for ways to (a) find tasks which allow students to use their devices in class and (b) test/gauge what the students are thinking and learning in the lesson (e.g. Formative assessment tools).
One such tool that is being used by quite a few teachers these days, is the online tool/website This online tool lets the teacher pose a problem, ask a question, show a picture and allow students to respond. Many of these '1:1 student response' system are quite limited in that the teacher can merely ask the question and students can then click on the 'correct answer' (a, b, c or d).  These '1:1 student response' online tools/websites do not allow students to draw or write on the screen and show their working out (e.g. working out the problem in Maths or drawing a visual representation of the battles that took place during WW2 etc.).
Well here is a fantastic online student response tool that you should have a look at.  With a teacher can show a picture to the students and then ask a multiple choice question or allow the students to write a short/long answer or draw their answer on the picture or show their working out on the page etc. etc.
The sign up for the teacher is free and easy. The teacher create a class within the website and then gets the 'class code'. The students 'sign up' on the website and they then add the 'class code' on the website. This automatically enrols the student into the teacher's class (which means that the teacher does not have to spend hours enrolling the students!).
I could write all day about this great website, but I will leave you with the knowledge that the teacher can also see all the students' answers on the one page simultaneously. This means that the teacher can instantly see if the students have grasp the idea or if certain students need extra assistance (whilst the other students go on and learn more, possibly through the flipped classroom/learning approach).  This will also be good for the teacher to show all the answers on the board to the class and the class can see what all the students are thinking/learning!
Check it out:

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